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  • Q4 Wrap Up: Another year has come to a close and we are proud of all that our students accomplished throughout the year. Congratulations to all on your hard work and successes.

  • Talent Show: The last day of school is filled with excitement and students have one more opportunity to show off their talents. The talent show ended with Layla, Rehgan and Paityn leading the whole school in the Cupid Shuffle.

  • Employee Recognition: St. Mary's is blessed with dedicated faculty and staff members. This year we celebrate the years of service of the following employees: Mr. Koch, principal - 5 years; Mrs. Hahn, 2nd grade teacher - 10 years; Mrs. Lenard, 3rd grade teacher - 20 years; and Mrs. Wilichowski, librarian - 25 years. Because of their dedication to Catholic education, St. Mary's remains a school of excellence.

  • 8th Grade Graduation: We are proud to announce the 8th grade graduates of St. Mary's School. Congratulations to Sam Altenhofen, Briggs Baumann, Madalyn Blume, Logan Gore, Martin Gruetzmacher, Mylee Haehlke, Parker Hale, Luke Hoenisch, Nathan Hoenisch, Alex Kaiser, Anika Kolka, Javier Pintor, Lindsay Putnam, Leah Schulz, Taylor Schulz, Spencer Seubert, Blake Sternberg and Riley Werner. May the Lord always be your center, your guide and your protector.

  • Volunteer Appreciation: St. Mary's School is blessed with some pretty amazing volunteers. A volunteer appreciation Liturgy was held and after Mass students were outside cheering on our volunteers. Then volunteers were invited to school for a social and Bingo with some of our younger students. "A volunteer is a little pencil in the Hand of God, who is writing a love letter to the world." Mother Teresa

  • DARE Graduation: Congratulations to our 5th graders who celebrated their DARE Graduation at Marathon City Sports Center. Thank you to Officer Koeppl, their DARE Officer. May they look back on their training when it comes to making good life decisions.

  • Service Day: Our 5th - 8th graders spent a morning doing services projects throughout the community and in Wausau. They had a great time, all while helping others. Check out the collage to see their handiwork.

  • Field Day 4K - 1st: : What do you do with 4K - 1st graders that are full of energy? You have a field day and let them run races to burn off the energy. You can tell by their faces that this was a favorite activity to cap off the year.

  • Track Grades 2 & 3: Tug-o-war, hurdles and other fun races made up the track meet for our 2nd and 3rd graders.

  • Awards Night: St. Mary's students work hard all year in academics and extra-curricular activities. Awards Night is a time to shine the spotlight on them to acknowledge their successes and achievements throughout the year. We are proud to announce this year's winners of the four most coveted awards: Madalyn Blume - Outstanding Female Athlete, Luke Hoenisch - Outstanding Male Athlete, Anika Kolka - Academic Award, and the most prestigious award is our Eagle Award, and the recipient this year is Blake Sternberg. The award goes to the 8th grade student that exibits the following traits: respect towards teachers, staff and classmates; exhibits school pride; demonstrates involvement and participation in class, assemblies and extra-curricular activities; dependable; acceptance of all classmates; applies Christian principles towards self and others; reverence shown at Liturgy; puts forth effort in all he/she does. Blake has certainly demonstrated these traits over his years at St. Mary's School and so deserves this award. Congratulations to all our award winners. We are proud of your accomplishments.

  • Retreat: 7th graders had the opportunity to go on retreat at St. Anthony's Spirituality Center. The focus of the retreat was on being leaders and good role models as 8th graders next year. Mr. Koch talked about leadership, Mrs. Meyering spoke about how words can help or hurt, while Mrs. Kind prayed the Stations of the Cross with the students. It was a wonderful morning of reflection.

  • Kids Heart Challenge: Mrs. Drexler organized the Kids Heart Challenge to raise money for the American Heart Association. It was a beautiful day to show off their jump roping/hula hoop skills, all while raising $2000 for such a worthy cause. Great job, students!

  • Golf: Thank you to Pine Valley Golf Course for allowing our 7th and 8th grade students to experience the sport of golf for the phy. ed. unit. They had a wonderful time learning from some local golfers. Thanks to Dan Jacobson, Butch Knauf, Kraig Kolka, and Dan and Barb Parlier for lending a hand.

  • State Track: Congratulations to the students who competed at the state track meet.

  • Catapults: Sixth graders learned about catapults and then had the opportunity to build and test their own.

  • Wildwood Wildlife Zoo and Safari: 2nd and 3rd graders had an amazing time in Minocqua at the zoo. Luckily none of our little monkeys got left behind.

  • Marshfield Zoo: Students in grades 4K - 1st had a fun field trip to the Marshfield Zoo and stopped at Hub City Ice Cream Company for a tasty treat after. The rainy day couldn't stop their enjoyment and smiles.

  • Fossils: The paleontologists in grade 2 were busy making their own fossils. Maybe there's a future archeologist in the bunch.

  • Honor Flight Check Presentation: Jim Campbell and Mike Thompson, co-founders of the Never Forgotten Honor Flight, visited St. Mary's to receive the check in the amount of $5915 which was raised by the 3rd and 4th graders. The students had a chance to talk with them and learn a little about the Honor Flight.

  • Walk-a-thon: The 3rd and 4th graders had a Walk-a-thon to raise money for the Never Forgotten Honor Flight. In two hours time they walked a combined total of 916 laps, with Nathan Schroder walking the most laps with 43. They had a total of 116 pledges with three students, Parker Gage, Ryker Seubert, and Quinn Borchardt each getting 10 pledges. The two classes raised at total of $5,915 for the Never Forgotten Honor Flight, with Tucker Bohn raising the most amount of money at $1,196! We are so proud of our students and so very grateful to our veterans. Thank you to Miss Baeseman for organizing this worthwhile event.

  • Recycling: Thank you to Amanda and Eric Bohn for the presentation on recycling. Students received a tree and box from Graphic Packaging. They were able to plant the tree they were given inside of the decomposable box.

  • Science Experiment: The young scientists in 4K were watching flowers bloom! First they watched some folded flowers, that were made, bloom as they placed them in the water. Then they cut their own paper flowers, folded them, placing them in the water and watched them bloom.

  • Track Meet Grades 4 & 5: Fourth and fifth graders were invited to the Newman Track Meet. The students had a wonderful time testing out their running skills. We are grateful to Newman for the invitation and to Home and School for providing the bus.

  • Rosaries: 8th grade students enjoyed making rosaries for the 2nd graders. They had a social of donuts and juice and presented their gifts to the First Communicants. The 2nd graders felt pretty proud that the 8th graders would do such a thoughtful thing for them. This project was under the direction of Mrs. Meyering.

  • Rain Clouds: Mrs. Drexler had her students mezmerized as they made rain clouds out of water, shaving cream and food coloring. This was a cool science experiment for 4K students.

  • May Crowning: May is the month of Mary, our Blessed Mother. To honor her student representatives from each grade brought a rose up to place in the vase by the statue of Mary. Eighth graders, Leah and Taylor Schulz placed a floral crown on her head and second graders wore their First Communion clothes for the May Crowning.

  • First Holy Communion: Congratulations to St. Mary's 2nd graders who celebrated their First Holy Communion. May they always take the love of God with them wherever they go.

  • Adopt a Classroom: Employees from Menzner Hardwoods visited the Kindergarten classroom and read a story titled "Little Critter: The Green Green Garden", teaching them about Earth Day. Thank you to Menzner Hardwoods and United Way, Adopt a Classroom.

  • Grade 2 Retablos: Second Graders made retablos in preparation for their First Holy Communion. A retablo is a devotional painting, especially a small popular or folk art one using iconography derived from traditional Catholic church art.  (Wikipedia)

  • Madison Field Trip: The 4th graders study Wisconsin and the highlight of their studies is being able to go on a field trip to Madison and tour the Capitol, the Historical Museum and then visit the Henry Vilas Zoo. We appreciate the tour guides, Home and School and Fischer Transportation for helping to make this trip possible.

  • CWES: Students in grades 5 and 8 had the opportunity to take an overnight field trip to the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station (CWES) and enjoy the outdoors while playing games, exploring and even watching the beavers in the lake. Thank you to the students of UW-Stevens Point for providing this educational experience.

  • Q3 Wrap Up: It's always a great day when we celebrate the accomplishments of our students. Congratulations to our honor roll, AR readers, and Rocket Math students on achieving their goals. Special recognition goes to Rehgan Martin and Hailey Martin for High Honors with Distinction, which means a 4.0+ grade point average. We are very proud of all their hard work.

  • Leprechauns: The first graders found the pot 'o gold at the end of the rainbow and the second graders were busy making leprechaun traps. Check out their shenanigans.

  • Diocesan Awards: Congratulations to Mrs. Drexler who won the Early Childhood Educator of the Year award and Miss Schroeder who won the Middle School Educator of the Year award. Over the past three years, St. Mary’s staff has won six awards or one-third of the possible awards to win. Also, congratulations to the other staff members who were nominated: Mrs. Meyering for both the Saint Mother Teresa Award and Holy Family Award, Mrs. Eckardt for Support Staff of the Year, Miss Baeseman for Elementary Educator of the Year and Mrs. Borchardt for Middle School Educator of the Year.
    Thank you to those that nominated staff members.

  • Parent's Night Girls 7/8: The 7th and 8th grade girls had an opportunity to thank their parents for their support during the basketball season.

  • Mission Carnival: One of our Lenten fundraisers is the Mission Carnival. Parents and grandparents donate prizes and baked goods and then we have a carnival to raise money for our sister Parish in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II Orphanage in Peru.During our mission carnival we had an open house for prospective students, and we were happy to see so many families attend. The profits this year were $2142.52, which is over $500 more than the last carnival. Thank you to all who donated and worked the carnival.
  • BINGO: Mrs. Drexler and Mrs. Hahn continue to make learning fun by joining the 4K and 2nd grade classes together to play Bingo. They are learning letters and numbers, 2nd graders learn leadership skills while helping the 4K students. It's a win, win and a triple win if you can yell "BINGO".

  • TWOSday: When you're in 2nd grade the number 2 is very important. Also when you're in 2nd grade on February 22, 2022 it's cause to celebrate! See all the ways St. Mary's 2nd graders enjoyed 2.22.22. They had double the fun that day because they got to stay home for a snow day and then celebrate two days later!

  • STEM Challenge: A fun Valentine project and learning experience was to build a heart out of just solo cups and cardboard. Students learned about force, balance and gravity. Each time they added a new cup or piece of cardboard to the heart, gravity acted on that new cup to pull the entire structure to the ground. However, if the force of gravity was equal on both sides of the first cup, the forces in the structure were balanced, causing the structure to remain standing. This gave them a hint of what it is like to be a structural engineer designing and constructing bridges and buildings. You can see the pride in their faces when they were able to complete the projects successfully.

  • 2nd Grade Valentines: Check out the creative Valentine boxes the second graders made for their Valentine exchange.

  • 100th Day of School: 4K and 5K had a good time showing their counting skills on the 100th day of school.

  • 8th Graders: The 4K and first graders had a special treat today when the 8th graders read to them. As part of their Spanish class 8th graders read to the students in Spanish and then the translation into English. The littles were a very attentive audience.

  • Grandparents Day: Passing the faith down through the generations is evident as you browse through these pictures. Some of the grandparents and their grandchildren were able to do the ministries at Mass. The students always enjoy welcoming and entertaining their grandparents on this special day.

  • Children's Museum: Students in grades 4K - 1st had a blast exploring all the cool rooms at the Central Wisconsin Children's Museum. It was a time of play, climbing, and using their imagination.
  • Mass with Bishop Callahan: It is a great privilege to attend Mass with Bishop Callahan. St. Mary's students were able to travel to Newman High School for Mass with other area Catholic School schools to celebrate Catholic Schools Week.

  • "What do I want to be when I grow up?": It was so fun to see all the future occupations of our students. Everything from a teacher to a geologist, farmer, train engineer to working in the medical field, athletes, a champion, mom and many things in-between.

  • Roller Skating: Students look forward to roller skating at Melody Gardens during Catholic Schools Week. Take a look at all the fun they had.

  • Class Colors: Each homeroom picked a color and dressed in their special color for the day. Catholic Schools Week provides days to have fun while learning.

  • NERR Spelling Bee: Anika Kolka took 3rd place in the NERR Spelling Bee. Anika, along with Luke Hoenisch, and Nathan Hoenisch will move on to the Regional Spelling Bee at Horace Mann Middle School.(Bristal Baumann is the alternate.) Congratulations and good luck at the Regional Bee.

  • Spelling Bee: Congratulations to our school Spelling Bee champions. 1st place - Luke Hoenisch, 2nd - Martin Gruetzmacher, 3rd Anika Kolka, 4th - Bristal Baumann, 5th - Nathan Hoenisch, and alternate - Tony Hahn. These students advance to the NERR Spelling on January 26th at St. Anthony's School, Athens. Good luck, spellers!

  • NERR Knowledge Bowl: Congratulations to St. Mary's academic team who took first place at the NERR Knowledge Bowl. They competed against St. Anthony's, Athens, St. John's, Edgar, and St. Joseph's, Stratford. The team consists of Sam Altenhofen, Briggs Baumann, Martin Gruetzmacher, Victoria Gruetzmacher, Luke Hoenisch, Abram Jacobson, Sara Marek, Hailey Martin, Taunna Rindt and Levi Scheiderer. They are coached by Miss Baeseman.

  • Roll a Snowman: Second graders taught the 4K students a fun dice game called "Roll a Snowman". Each number they rolled helped them to fill in the snowman's eyes, buttons, etc. until their snowman was complete.

  • Honor Roll: Congratulations to our Honor Roll students.

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