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2nd Grade Pictures

Track Grades 2 & 3: Tug-o-war, hurdles and other fun races made up the track meet for our 2nd and 3rd graders.

Wildwood Wildlife Zoo and Safari: 2nd and 3rd graders had an amazing time in Minocqua at the zoo. Luckily none of our little monkeys got left behind.

Fossils: The paleontologists in grade 2 were busy making their own fossils. Maybe there's a future archeologist in the bunch.

Leprechauns: The first graders found the pot 'o gold at the end of the rainbow and the second graders were busy making leprechaun traps. Check out their shenanigans.

Mission Carnival: One of our Lenten fundraisers is the Mission Carnival. Parents and grandparents donate prizes and baked goods and then we have a carnival to raise money for our sister Parish in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II Orphanage in Peru.During our mission carnival we had an open house for prospective students, and we were happy to see so many families attend. The profits this year were $2142.52, which is over $500 more than the last carnival. Thank you to all who donated and worked the carnival.

BINGO: Mrs. Drexler and Mrs. Hahn continue to make learning fun by joining the 4K and 2nd grade classes together to play Bingo. They are learning letters and numbers, 2nd graders learn leadership skills while helping the 4K students. It's a win, win and a triple win if you can yell "BINGO".

TWOSday: When you're in 2nd grade the number 2 is very important. Also when you're in 2nd grade on February 22, 2022 it's cause to celebrate! See all the ways St. Mary's 2nd graders enjoyed 2.22.22. They had double the fun that day because they got to stay home for a snow day and then celebrate two days later!

STEM Challenge: A fun Valentine project and learning experience was to build a heart out of just solo cups and cardboard. Students learned about force, balance and gravity. Each time they added a new cup or piece of cardboard to the heart, gravity acted on that new cup to pull the entire structure to the ground. However, if the force of gravity was equal on both sides of the first cup, the forces in the structure were balanced, causing the structure to remain standing. This gave them a hint of what it is like to be a structural engineer designing and constructing bridges and buildings. You can see the pride in their faces when they were able to complete the projects successfully.

2nd Grade Valentines: Check out the creative Valentine boxes the second graders made for their Valentine exchange.

Grandparents Day: Passing the faith down through the generations is evident as you browse through these pictures. Some of the grandparents and their grandchildren were able to do the ministries at Mass. The students always enjoy welcoming and entertaining their grandparents on this special day.

Class Colors: Each homeroom picked a color and dressed in their special color for the day. Catholic Schools Week provides days to have fun while learning.

Roll a Snowman: Second graders taught the 4K students a fun dice game called "Roll a Snowman". Each number they rolled helped them to fill in the snowman's eyes, buttons, etc. until their snowman was complete.

In second grade, our year is filled with many engaging activities that help the students achieve at their greatest potential. Second grade students continue to develop a growth mindset, expand their knowledge, and become independent thinkers.  The students move from "learning to read" to "reading to learn.” We explore a variety of genres including both fiction and nonfiction text. Through shared reading, guided reading, and mini lessons, second grade students learn about the main idea, author’s purpose, cause and effect, and drawing conclusions. We also continue to use the Accelerated Reading (AR) program to encourage students to read independently, at their own level and pace, to meet their individual reading goal.

In Writing, students learn how to write personal narratives, create opinion pieces, write about informational text, and creatively write through Writer’s Workshop.

In Math, students continue to strengthen their math knowledge and mastery of basic facts.  Some of the units include: addition and subtraction (three-digits), metric measurement, 3-D shapes, patterns, time, tables and graphs, and fractions.  The Rocket Math program helps the students to master addition and subtraction math facts.

Through many hands-on experiments and fun lessons in Science class, students learn about weather, plants and natural resources, animal and plant life cycles, and habitats. In Social Studies, students will learn about many topics including citizenship, geography, historical figures, and innovations over time.

Second grade students enjoy sparking their creativity through art and music classes. They strengthen their athletic skills through physical education and explore technology through computer education. The students look forward to field trips and a spring track and field day.

Finally, but most importantly, the 2nd grade students in addition to growing in knowledge grow in faith.  Each day the student's relationship with Jesus grows.  The students prepare to receive the forgiveness and mercy of God through the Sacrament of First Reconciliation.

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Hello, my name is Kelly Hahn. I am the second grade teacher at St. Mary’s School. This is my tenth year at St. Mary’s School, where I have previously taught 5-Year-Old Kindergarten and worked as the Educational Interventionist.  I believe wholeheartedly in the spiritual and academic benefits of a Catholic education.  My three oldest children attended St. Mary’s School, and my youngest is currently a student here. When not at school, you will find me supporting the arts, the Green Bay Packers, and the University of Wisconsin Badgers – where my husband, Matt, and I are alumni of. 

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Kelly Hahn
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