St. Mary's School Marathon, Wisconsin, Excellence in Education, Home of the Eagles
School Fundraising
  1. Send your child. Arrange for a tour by calling 715-443-3430.
  2. Support our missions, our staff, and our handbook.
  3. Volunteer at our fundraisers, as a recess aide, read to students or attend a committee meeting.
  4. Donating necessary supplies to the classroom.
    Financial Support
  5. Contributions at Mass
  6. Company donations:  Through the workplace, several people have asked and received donations from their company’s owner.  Others have gotten donations through Thrivent, Marshfield Clinic, AgCountry and by using Charity Mobile for cell phone use.
    Thrivent -
    Marshfield Clinic Health System’s Employee Volunteer Program, contact person:
    AgCountry through Giving Heart program, employees fill out an app.
  7. Packer Tailgate Party:  Sell and/or purchase raffle tickets  
  8. SCRIP:  Scrip is a dollar-for-dollar exchange that is viewed as cash at the store.  Income is generated each time a certificate/gift card is purchased.  It is free money for St. Mary’s because families or individuals are regularly purchasing these items!  It doesn’t cost them anything they aren’t already spending, therefore keeping them on budget.  Scrip is the sale of gift certificates/cards for items people normally use:  groceries, gasoline, clothing, department stores, restaurants, entertainment, etc.  Merchants give varying discounts, depending on
    their mark up on the product, but it can vary between 2% and 20%.  Some certificates/cards can be used anywhere in the country that the merchants have stores, so they are great to send to people who live in other places.We have BP, Exxon/Mobile, Shell, and Kwik Trip gas cards, Kohl’s, Festival Foods, County Market, WalMart, Marcus Theatre, 2510, Culvers, Mc Donald’s, Subway, Panera Bread, iHop, Applebees, Pizza Ranch, Texas Roadhouse, Red Robin, Fleet Farm, Menards, Home Depot, Custom Meats…and the list goes on and on.  Purchasing a car from Brickner Motors?  Stop by and pick up a certificate – they will donate $50 to St. Mary’s in your name.  There is an online version to purchase Scrip.  This option allows people to buy Scrip online so if you are at the store and have forgotten to buy a card you can still purchase Scrip off your phone. There are a couple steps to set up initially but once it is setup, it can be used immediately. Scrip is available through the school office during normal school hours.  Questions?  Call 715-443-3430.
  9. Educational Endowment:  Make a donation to the endowment fund that is donated for augmenting education at St. Mary’s.
  10. Magic Paper Box:  The Magic Paper Box container is located in the parking lot behind school near the gym entrance.  You may bring your paper and drop it in the box 24/7, whenever it is convenient for you.  They accept newspaper, including the glossy inserts, magazines and catalogs, office and school papers, including window envelopes, paperback books, and items with staples or paper clips.  Mail can be recycled, only recycle the mail that you feel comfortable putting in the recycling container.  The Magic Paper Box is NOT for confidential documents.  Please NO plastic, cardboard, metal, glass, or paper contaminated with food.  When the container is full IROW will come and empty it, and St. Mary’s will then receive a payment for the value of the paper that has been collected. 
  11. Marathon Endowment Funds:  Make a tax-deductible donation or use the Pride Pump at the RStore to help these funds that awards grants for specific classroom use to all Marathon schools including St. Mary’s.
  12. Box Tops for Education:  The Box Tops program has become digital-only.  You will use the new box top app to scan your receipt.  The app will find participating products purchased at any store and instantly add cash to your school’s earnings online.
  13. Memorial/Will/Estate designations to support the school/parish and provide for emergency funds.
  14. Religious/Academic/Safe/Caring/Participatory Projects:  Donate to the school to augment current projects.
  15. Fundraisers:  Buy from committee fundraisers’ including the meat sale and cheese curd stand.
  16. Tuition and/or Lunch Assistance:  Help a family in need pay for a student to get a Catholic education and/or lunch here at St. Mary’s.
  17. Aluminum cans:  People have used creative ways to donate such as donating proceeds from aluminum cans they have recycled.
  18. Pop Tabs:  Also, we save pop tabs and send the money earned to the Ronald McDonald House in Marshfield.