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The 3rd grade textbooks take the students out of the primary level and get them acquainted with the more challenging middle school expectations. While the reading material, assignments, and tests are more demanding, it allows many opportunities for creative thinking and for offering personal experiences during discussions.

The Accelerated Reader program (AR) is an integral part of each day. The students read at their comfort level and keep looking forward to improved reading skills and comprehension improvements so they're able to read more difficult books. This reaps so many benefits in all subject areas.

Multiplication and division are introduced and the students practice those basic concepts. Rocket Math keeps track of their progress from addition to subtraction, and hopefully into multiplication and division. Mastering the basic facts is an integral part of the Math program, along with the ADD series (Arithmetic Developed Daily) which reenforces the concepts listed in the Math text.

The 3rd graders review their printing skills in Penmanship, but also learn cursive. For many, the beginning attempts are challenging, but soon the writing of cursive becomes second nature.

Third graders also get an extra dose of music as I am proficient playing the piano and singing. I like offering opportunities for us to relax and enjoy one of my favorite activities.

Weekly Schedule

Mary Lenard Third Grade

I was raised in a small rural town similar to Marathon, in a family with one brother and five sisters.  I graduated from a Catholic grade school, public high school and Viterbo University.  I’ve taught 3rd, 5th, and 6th grades and Music classes scattered in between.
My husband, Tony, and I live in the country in a Victorian house, sharing our home with Mickey, the mischievous Border collie.  Our son, Ryan, teaches English/Reading in Sun Prairie.
Reading is an especially appealing activity.  I keep the library busy checking out a steady flow of books.  A perfect afternoon would be reading in the sparkling clean sunroom, having a glass of pop and chips at arm’s length. 
During the warm season, I enjoy walks down country roads, in the early evenings, either alone or often with a friend.  Sometimes I can be convinced to set my alarm and take early morning walks with friends.
Planning “get-togethers” with friends is also fun.  Whether it’s shopping, breakfast/lunch/supper, painting a kitchen, helping someone move, or visiting over the weekend, I look forward to the connections.
Singing and playing piano have given me pleasure since I was a youngster.  Often I musically entertain myself, but I’ve also played and sang at weddings, funerals, and during daily Mass as an accompanist or soloist.  I’ve also taught piano lessons and Music classes.
I have close contact with my siblings as we text and visit often.  Lucky for me they are both family and friends.
My work here at St. Mary’s has been challenging, rewarding and fun!  I keep coming back year after year!  A downside of teaching is getting up at 5:00 a.m. with the birds.  During the winter months, even the birds sleep in!  Oh well!

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Mary Lenard
Third Grade