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To improve our social skills and work habits we participate in a large group and learn to resolve our own conflicts with friends, we are courteous to others and show self-control. We work on playing well with others and cleaning up when we are done. We also listen to directions, work independently, and take pride in our tasks.

In 4K we also improve our math skills such as counting, sorting, matching, and naming shapes and numbers. We work on literacy and language skills by recognizing letters, sounds, pictures, and eventually names/words. We explore through science with predictions, observations, and outcomes. Our fine and gross motor skills also get tested through Gym class, songs, and dance.

As a teacher I feel it is my responsibility to foster a relationship with children and their lifetime of education. Ways in which to achieve this relationship include: creating a nurturing, accepting, and enriched learning environment where children can succeed, integrating curriculum to meet the needs of all children, and molding children into respectful and responsible individuals.

One of my goals as a teacher is to facilitate a learning environment that meets the needs of all children – academically, socially, and emotionally. A classroom should offer choices and different opportunities for children to learn, explore, and feel safe, accepted, and supported. Above all children must learn in an environment where they can succeed. Active play areas, quiet play areas, and personal spaces are all used throughout the day in a typical classroom.

Curriculum is something that is also based on children's individual needs. Each child learns and communicates in different ways. It is my goal as a teacher to find ways to reach out and teach these children. Curriculum can be altered to fit the needs of all children and to attain active participation.

As a teacher I feel it is my responsibility to create a small community in my classroom. Through guidance and support children will gain respect towards all individuals, taking into consideration their belongings, feelings, and opinions. Respect will be an essential and encouraged attribute in my classroom.

It is crucial to me as a teacher to make my students feel safe in our classroom as to bring out the most in their learning experiences. They will learn to use their own judgment to choose right from wrong. I will help them to learn personal responsibility for wrong choices that they make and help them to understand why the choice they made was the wrong one. Making their own decisions will help them to increase their problem solving strategies needed later in life.

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Katie Miller 4 Year Old Kindergarten


Hi, my name is Mrs. Katie Drexler, the 4 Year Old Kindergarten teacher at St. Mary's. I am a graduate of St. Mary's myself along with Marathon High School. After high school, I attended the University of Wisconsin-Marathon County where I received my Associate's Degree; followed by University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where I received my Bachelor's Degree with an Early Childhood Education Major and an Early Childhood Special Education minor. After college I started my career in Athens at St. Anthony's and then made a move to Marathon where I currently teach.


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Katie Drexler
4 Year Old Kindergarten