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Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum: The littles didn't go roller skating but they had their own fun at the Children's Museum in Medford. Some of them may have found their future career as beautician's, farmers, doctors. Thanks to Home & School and Fischer Transportation for taking the students to and from the museum.

BINGO: Students from every grade played Bingo in celebration of Catholic Schools Week. The older students paired up with the littles and everyone had several opportunities to yell "BINGO".

Field Day 4K - 1st: : What do you do with 4K - 1st graders that are full of energy? You have a field day and let them run races to burn off the energy. You can tell by their faces that this was a favorite activity to cap off the year.

Marshfield Zoo: Students in grades 4K - 1st had a fun field trip to the Marshfield Zoo and stopped at Hub City Ice Cream Company for a tasty treat after. The rainy day couldn't stop their enjoyment and smiles.

"What do I want to be when I grow up?": It was so fun to see all the future occupations of our students. Everything from a teacher to a geologist, farmer, train engineer to working in the medical field, athletes, a champion, mom and many things in-between.

Children's Museum: Students in grades 4K - 1st had a blast exploring all the cool rooms at the Central Wisconsin Children's Museum. It was a time of play, climbing, and using their imagination.

Class Colors: Each homeroom picked a color and dressed in their special color for the day. Catholic Schools Week provides days to have fun while learning.

100th Day of School: There was a lot of excitement in 5K as they celebrated the 100th day of school.


Through the Treasures Reading and Language Arts Program, kindergarteners at St. Mary's learn through different themes each week that five and six year olds can relate to. Our curriculum takes us through two weeks of new material, followed by a third week of review. Below are some of the many skills and concepts focused on throughout the year.

*Oral Language

*Word Study


*Language Arts


Using Math Expressions, kindergarten students explore and discover math concepts. Literature and problem solving techniques are used frequently to enhance understanding of the following concepts.

*Sorting (color, size, shape, kind, and their own rule)

*Positions and Patterns (top, middle, bottom, before, after, between, left, right, inside, and outside)

*Comparing Sets, Data. And Graphing (one-to-one matching, same number, sort and graph, and pictographs)

*Represent and Read Numbers 0-31 (writing, counting, order by number, estimate, relate to calendar, and count by 2s, 5s, and 10s)

*Plane Shapes and Fractions (circle, rectangle, square, triangle, patterns with shapes, symmetry, equal parts, halves, likely and unlikely)

*Solid Shapes (sort, identify, and build solid shapes)

*Using Numbers 0-12 (names, order, sort, more and fewer, estimate quantities)

*Time (times of day, days and months on the calendar, comparing temperature, more and less time, order events, time to the hour, compare digital and analog clocks)

*Money (sort and graph coins, penny, nickel, dime, quarter)

*Length (compare length, order by length, estimate and measure length)

*Weight and Capacity (compare weight, order by weight, estimate and measure weight, compare capacity, order by capacity, estimate and measure capacity, and tools for measuring)

*Addition (add 1 to numbers 0-9, and add 2 to numbers 0-8)

*Subtraction (subtract 1 from numbers 1-10, subtract 2 from numbers 2-10, and relate addition to subtraction)


St. Mary's kindergarteners' faith is enriched by Sadlier's We Believe series. The units include prepared lessons on the following.

*God Gives Us Many Gifts

*God is Our Creator

*Jesus Shows Us God's Love

*Jesus Wants Us to Share God's Love

Students develop and understanding of his or her Catholic faith by daily FAITH STATEMENTS, the CATECHISM, SCRIPTURE and the RITES OF THE CHURCH, SAINTS, FEASTS, and DEVOTIONS. Many times our religion theme or the church season will tie in well with our reading , math, science or social studies concepts.

The class also attends weekly Mass every Wednesday morning. We help worship and praise God by singing at church from time to time. They pray regularly on arrival to school, before meals, and before departing, or whenever the desire arrives.

Science and Social Studies

Science and social studies classes are planned along with the themes from religion and literacy , and seasonal lessons.

Field Trips

Kindergarten students at St. Mary's School are blessed to experience a few fieldtrips throughout the school year. They either go to the pumpkin patch or the apple orchard in the fall, the Grand Theater, the Public Library, and a spring trip of some kind.

Weekly Schedule


Hello, my name is Michele Novak and I am the Kindergarten teacher at St. Mary’s School.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree from UW Stevens Point with a major in Elementary Education K – 8 with a Language Arts Emphasis.  I began my teaching career as a Kindergarten teacher at St. Francis Xavier School, Merrill and have taught at Maple Grove Charter School, Hamburg, the Wausau School District, St. Anthony’s School in Athens and most recently was the principal at St. Joseph School in Stratford.

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Michele Novak