St. Mary's School Marathon, Wisconsin, Excellence in Education, Home of the Eagles

St. Mary's Past Events

  • Golf: Thank you to Pine Valley Golf Course for allowing our 7th and 8th grade students to experience the sport of golf for the phy. ed. unit. They had a wonderful time learning from some local golfers. Thanks to Dan Jacobson, Butch Knauf, Kraig Kolka, and Dan and Barb Parlier for lending a hand.

  • State Track: Congratulations to the students who competed at the state track meet.

  • Recycling: Thank you to Amanda and Eric Bohn for the presentation on recycling. Students received a tree and box from Graphic Packaging. They were able to plant the tree they were given inside of the decomposable box.

  • Science Experiment: The young scientists in 4K were watching flowers bloom! First they watched some folded flowers, that were made, bloom as they placed them in the water. Then they cut their own paper flowers, folded them, placing them in the water and watched them bloom.

  • Track Meet Grades 4 & 5: Fourth and fifth graders were invited to the Newman Track Meet. The students had a wonderful time testing out their running skills. We are grateful to Newman for the invitation and to Home and School for providing the bus.

  • Adopt a Classroom: Employees from Menzner Hardwoods visited the Kindergarten classroom and read a story titled "Little Critter: The Green Green Garden", teaching them about Earth Day. Thank you to Menzner Hardwoods and United Way, Adopt a Classroom.

  • Grade 2 Retablos: Second Graders made retablos in preparation for their First Holy Communion. A retablo is a devotional painting, especially a small popular or folk art one using iconography derived from traditional Catholic church art.  (Wikipedia)

  • Rosaries: 8th grade students enjoyed making rosaries for the 2nd graders. They had a social of donuts and juice and presented their gifts to the First Communicants. The 2nd graders felt pretty proud that the 8th graders would do such a thoughtful thing for them. This project was under the direction of Mrs. Meyering.

  • Q3 Wrap Up: It's always a great day when we celebrate the accomplishments of our students. Congratulations to our honor roll, AR readers, and Rocket Math students on achieving their goals. Special recognition goes to Rehgan Martin and Hailey Martin for High Honors with Distinction, which means a 4.0+ grade point average. We are very proud of all their hard work.

  • Leprechauns: The first graders found the pot 'o gold at the end of the rainbow and the second graders were busy making leprechaun traps. Check out their shenanigans.

  • Rain Clouds: Mrs. Drexler had her students mezmerized as they made rain clouds out of water, shaving cream and food coloring. This was a cool science experiment for 4K students.

  • Catapults: Sixth graders learned about catapults and then had the opportunity to build and test their own.

  • Parent's Night Girls 7/8: The 7th and 8th grade girls had an opportunity to thank their parents for their support during the basketball season.

  • Wildwood Wildlife Zoo and Safari: 2nd and 3rd graders had an amazing time in Minocqua at the zoo. Luckily none of our little monkeys got left behind.

  • Marshfield Zoo: Students in grades 4K - 1st had a fun field trip to the Marshfield Zoo and stopped at Hub City Ice Cream Company for a tasty treat after. The rainy day couldn't stop their enjoyment and smiles.

  • Fossils: The paleontologists in grade 2 were busy making their own fossils. Maybe there's a future archeologist in the bunch.

  • Track Grades 2 & 3: Tug-o-war, hurdles and other fun races made up the track meet for our 2nd and 3rd graders.

  • Field Day 4K - 1st: : What do you do with 4K - 1st graders that are full of energy? You have a field day and let them run races to burn off the energy. You can tell by their faces that this was a favorite activity to cap off the year.

  • TWOSday: When you're in 2nd grade the number 2 is very important. Also when you're in 2nd grade on February 22, 2022 it's cause to celebrate! See all the ways St. Mary's 2nd graders enjoyed 2.22.22. They had double the fun that day because they got to stay home for a snow day and then celebrate two days later!

  • STEM Challenge: A fun Valentine project and learning experience was to build a heart out of just solo cups and cardboard. Students learned about force, balance and gravity. Each time they added a new cup or piece of cardboard to the heart, gravity acted on that new cup to pull the entire structure to the ground. However, if the force of gravity was equal on both sides of the first cup, the forces in the structure were balanced, causing the structure to remain standing. This gave them a hint of what it is like to be a structural engineer designing and constructing bridges and buildings. You can see the pride in their faces when they were able to complete the projects successfully.

  • 2nd Grade Valentines: Check out the creative Valentine boxes the second graders made for their Valentine exchange.

  • 100th Day of School: 4K and 5K had a good time showing their counting skills on the 100th day of school.

  • 8th Graders: The 4K and first graders had a special treat today when the 8th graders read to them. As part of their Spanish class 8th graders read to the students in Spanish and then the translation into English. The littles were a very attentive audience.

  • Bell Ringing and Caroling: 7th and 8th graders had a rewarding day bell ringing for the Salvation Army and then caroling at Copperleaf Assisted Living and Park View Apartments in Marathon. Of course they made time for a little shopping and lunch at Fazoli's.

  • Christmas Program: St. Mary's students practiced for weeks to bring the story of the birth of Christ to life. Thank you to all those who made this a very special event and to the students for an outstanding job of singing and acting. Their hard work paid off.

  • Bowling: As part of the phy. ed. curriculum students in grades 3 - 8 had the privilege of going bowling. Thank you to Steve and the Marathon City Sports Center for accomodating our students.

  • 8th Grade Night - Boy's Basketball: 7th graders had the privilege of wishing the 8th graders well as they played their final home basketball game. We wish them the best in their high school careers.

  • Medieval Fair: 7th and 8th graders learned about medieval times and had a lot of fun putting what they learned into action by putting on several skits for the other students. It was a great learning experience for all of them.

  • Circle of Joy: The kindness elf made a stop in 4K and asked them to bring an item for the Circle of Joy collection. They were pretty proud of their generosity.

  • Boys' Basketball Parent's Night: The boys enjoyed the opportunity to recognize and thank their parents for their support of their basketball season.

  • Kindness Project: Mrs. Meyering and the 8th graders put together stove top potpourri gift bags for the faculty and staff while also working on building their social skills of kindness, empathy, communication, cooperation, respect and much more.

  • NCSF Donation: The National Catholic Society of Foresters, Court 850, presented a check to Kaci Sessions, co-president of St. Mary’s Home & School, in the amount of $750 as part of their Heart and Hands matching funds.  The ladies helped with the Pumpkin Patch to secure these funds for St. Mary’s School.  Thank you, National Catholic Society of Foresters, Court 850.

  • Q1 Wrap Up: After a quick first quarter of hard work we like to shine the spotlight on our students and their accomplishments. We are proud of their work. Then they have a heated volleyball match with 8th graders battling it out to see who gets to take on the faculty and staff. The faculty and staff reign victorious.

  • Knowledge Bowl: Our 3rd Annual Knowledge Bowl is in the record books. Team 4, The Disciples, were the champions this year. Their team consisted of Charlie Altenhofen, Carie Cihlar, Miss Globensky, Dominic Gruetzmacher, Randy Hoenisch, Luke Jacobson, and Marcus Martin. This is a great time for our academic team to prepare for the NERR competition and the Brains and Brawn tournament in La Crosse.

  • Roll a Snowman: Second graders taught the 4K students a fun dice game called "Roll a Snowman". Each number they rolled helped them to fill in the snowman's eyes, buttons, etc. until their snowman was complete.

  • Science Project "Sugar Shake": 4th graders had fun learning about rocks and how they weather in the elements. This little experiment using sugar cubes helped them to visualize how rocks get wore down over time through weather or other objects hitting them.

  • First Holy Communion: Sunday, November 14th was a very special day for the 3rd grade students as they received the Body and Blood of Jesus for the first time, recceiving the Sacrament of First Holy Communion. Take the love of Jesus with you as you go.

  • Veteran's Day: American Legion Post 469 veterans came to school for a Veteran's Day Program. Thank you to Roger Grell - Post Commander, Bob Plant - Post Chaplain, Paul Fredrickson, guest speaker, Maddie Martin, Poppy Princess, American Legion Color Guard, and all the veterans who attended. We are grateful for your service.

  • All Saint's Day: First graders always look forward to All Saint's Day so they can dress up and learn about the Saints. Thank you to Mrs. Bankes and Mrs. Eckardt for their efforts putting on the Parade of Saints.

  • Paper Making: Thank you to Mrs. Hummer for teaching the second grade students how to make their own paper. The students had a lot of fun and were pretty proud of their projects.

  • Maddy's Bell Ringing: Congratulations to Maddy Lang, a former student, for her final chemo treatments and for ringing the bell to signify she is cancer free. We are so happy for Maddy and her family and wish her continued good health.

  • Friday Fun - Reading with Friends: 2nd graders felt pretty special to be able to read to our 4K students. Pairing up students to share their love of reading is great for both classes.

  • AgCountry Donation: Thank you to AgCountry for their generous donation to St. Mary's School. We appreciate your support of Catholic education.

  • Packer Tailgate Party: Last year we were not able to have our Packer Tailgate party so we are thankful to have it this year and have beautiful weather and a chance to get together with family and friends. Thank you to everyone who had a part in making this fundraiser a huge success. Special thanks to Rod and LeAnn Lang, Jamie and Melinda Lang and Kevin and Gina Lang for organizing this event for the past several years. This was their final year and will be passing the reigns on to other volunteers.

  • Volleyball - 8th Grade Night: 7th graders had a special tribute to the 8th graders at their final game as St. Mary's Eagles. 7th graders presented the 8th grade players with a gift bag and Coach Petersen treated them to a pizza party.

  • Blessing of Animals: October 4th is the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi and families were invited to bring their family pets for a blessing. St. Francis had a great love for God's creation. He found much comfort and love for the animals.

  • Pumpkin Patch: St. Mary's Home and School was happy to bring back the Pumpkin Patch this year. Thank you to all that donated pumpkins, gourds, baked goods, decorative items and to those who helped set up and run the Pumpkin Patch. We are blessed with wonderful volunteers. Special thanks to Kaci Sessions for organizing the Pumpkin Patch this year.

  • Pumpkin Decorations: Miss Baeseman and the 4th grader were very busy making pumpkin decorations. Some were delivered to Copperleaf Assisted Living and the others were sold at St. Mary's Pumpkin Patch. Check out their cute creations.

  • Rock Ridge Orchard: The fall of the year is the perfect time for a field trip to Rock Ridge Orchard. 4K - 2nd grades visited the orchard and were able to pick apples, enjoy a petting zoo and other fun activities. Thank you to Dan & Julie Knetter for the great experience and to Home and School for providing the transportation.

  • Pumpkin Painting: 4K and 2nd graders got together to make wooden pumpkins for the Pumpkin Patch. Thank you to Senator Jerry Petrowski for the wood slices for this project. It's fun to be creative and see the different things we can make.

  • Little Red Schoolhouse: One of the highlights in 4th grade is the trip to the Little Red Schoolhouse. Students dress in authentic attire and find out what a typical school day was like in 1904. They learned how to write with pen and ink, each had chores to do such as, sweeping the floors and carrying in firewood. They also enjoyed games and fun at recess. Our hot lunch staff packed their lunches in tin cans with handles to add to the authenticity of the day. Thank you to the Marathon County Historical Society and the Marathon County Parks Department for providing this opportunity for our students. Also, thank you to Home and School for providing the bus for the day.

  • 4K Apple Stars: Mrs. Drexler read the book of the little red house with no windows, a chimney and star inside to 4K students. Then they got to discover the star in the middle of the apple.

  • Catholic Daughter's of the Americas: Congratulations to Will Bretzke for winning 2nd Place at Nationals in the Catholic Daughters of the Americas competition.  There are over 12,000 orders of the Catholic Daughters in the US and Mexico so this is quite an accomplishment.  Kathy Lezniak, the local representative from the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, St. Rose Court #1062, presented Will with a check and his ribbon.

  • St. Mary's Christmas Program under the direction of Mrs. Jodi Langenhahn. (Thank you to Jason Mechelke for the video.)

  • First Grade Nativity Play: The first graders bring you the story of the Nativity and wish you a Merry Christmas.

  • Fourth Graders wish you Christmas tidings of comfort and joy. They share with you the real meaning of Christmas.

  • Fair Animals: Summer is a time many children who are in the 4H program prepare and groom their animals to show at the fair. The Baumann's are busy getting their animals in tip-top shape.

  • Employee Recognition: To end the year we celebrated the dedicated employees at our Employee Recognition Dinner. Although Mr. Koch showed his appreciation for all faculty and staff, those celebrating a milestone year were recognized. Congratulations to Colleen Cihlar - 5 years, Jodi Langenhahn - 10 Years, Sandi Eckardt - 15 years, and Suzie Lang - 30 years. "Whatever you do, do it as if you were working for the Lord and not for man." ~The Apostle Paul

  • Ice Cream: What a wonderful way to end the school year by a trip to the Pizza Market for ice cream. Several classes took a stroll down the hill to enjoy some delicious ice cream. Thank you, Pizza Market for allowing our students to come for this yummy treat.

  • Talent Show & AR/Rocket Math Awards: Students had the opportunity to showcase their talent at the end of year Talent Show. 4K sang and signed the ABC's, while some danced, sang and we even had a comedian. AR and Rocket Math awards were given out. Our top reader was Velda Mechelke (Gr 6) with a total of 906 AR points! 2nd place went to Sara Marek (Gr 6) and 3rd place to Sam Altenhofen (Gr 7). The first to master their Rocket Math were Adam Murkowski (Gr 2), Nathan Schroder (Gr 3), Brayson Schneider and Mallory Sternberg (Gr 4). Congratulations to all our award recipients.

  • 5K Graduation: Mrs. Novak was very proud to announce this year's Kindergarten graduates. God provided a beautiful day to have their graduation ceremony outside. Parents and grandparents were able to attend the ceremony. Congratulations students and welcome to 1st grade.

  • 4th grade to the Baeseman Farm: 4th graders took a trip to the "little red schoolhouse/farm" today. Our trip to the little red schoolhouse was canceled due to COVID, but the Baeseman farm was a great replacement. We enjoyed our time in the shed doing lessons, playing games, outside going for walks, going to the barn and meeting the animals, and many other adventures. Thank you to all the parents for helping these kids have a wonderful experience and to the Baeseman's for hosting this wonderful group!

  • Graduation: Congratulations to our 8th grade graduates. May the Lord guide you as you prepare to enter high school. We wish you God's peace.

  • Daughter of the Americas: St. Rose Court #1062 held a contest and three sixth grade students were pretty excited to hear the news that they won the local and state contest. They are now entered in the national competition. Congratulations to Will Bretzke - Photography; Natilee Hummer - Essay and Velda Mechelke - Computer Art and good luck at nationals. Each student received a cash prize.

  • 8th Grade Awards: Each year 8th graders receive four special awards. Award recipients are voted on by the 8th grade class, coaches, faculty and staff. This year's recipients are: Katie LeBlanc - Academic and Outstanding Female Athlete; Cody Radtke - Outstanding Male Athlete; and the Eagle Award - Kiley Mader. The Eagle Award is our most prestigious award and is awarded to the student that exhibits respect towards teachers, staff and classmates, exhibits school pride, is responsible, demonstrates involvement and participation in class, assemblies and extra-curricular activities, is dependable, is accepting of all classmates, applies Christian principles towards self and others, shows reverence at liturgy and puts forth effort in all he/she does. Congratulations to all three award winners.

  • Track & Field Gr 2, 3, 4: It was a beautiful, sunshiny day for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade track and field day. They enjoyed the great outdoors running and jumping hurdles and having a great time.

  • DARE Graduation: Although the actual DARE Graduation ceremony was cancelled due to rain, the 5th graders were able to enjoy some bowling fun and pizza to celebrate their accomplishments.

  • 4K - 1 Field Day: The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day for field day activities. 4K - 1st graders had a fun time running, jumping and throwing as they practiced their skills. It took a steady hand to transfer the water from one bucket to another without spilling. A treat of fresh fruit and cheese sticks followed the day's activities.

  • Dominoes: Students and staff donated items to be set up and knocked down like dominoes.   After the fun, the items will be delivered to the Circle of Joy.

  • 8th Grade Bench Donation: This year the 8th grade project was a bench which will be placed up by the playground. The 8th grade class put their handprints on the bench and the words "If you can be anything, be kind." Thank you to Steve Seubert for the construction of the bench.

  • Volunteer Appreciation: We are so grateful to the wonderful men and women who volunteer their time in various ways to enrich the lives of our students and help our school in so many ways. A volunteer Liturgy was held in appreciation for all they do and each volunteer received a goodie bag and flowers as a way of saying "thank you".

  • Chemistry Demonstration: Mr. Fredrickson and his high school chemistry students shared their love of chemistry with first - third graders. It's always filled with excitement as they share what happens when certain chemicals are mixed together. Thank you, Mr. Fred and students for the great demonstrations.

  • Senator Jerry Petrowski: When the Madison field trip gets cancelled we do the next best thing, bring Madison to St. Mary's. Thank you, Senator Petrowski, for visiting with our 4th and 5th graders. They enjoyed learning about congress and the process to pass a bill into law.

  • 4K Self Portraits: Mrs. Drexler helped 4K students make their self portraits. Check out how adorable they are.

  • Mother's Day Bowls: SuzAnne Werner, Jacky Gertschen, and Sharon Miller helped 7th graders design and paint their own very special Mother's Day gifts. Thank you, ladies for helping with this project.

  • May Crowning: May is the month of Mary, our Blessed Mother. 8th graders have the honor of crowning Mary with flowers.

  • Catholic Daughters of the Americas: St. Rose Court #1062 of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas held an Education Contest. St. Mary's was proud to have several winners. The first place winning entries were sent to the state level of competition.

  • Knights of Columbus: The winners of the Knights of Columbus Keep Christ in Christmas Contest were announced. Each of the winners was presented with a check from the K of C. We thank the Knights for their continued support of Catholic education.

  • Diocesan Holy Family Award: Mrs. Hahn won a Diocesan Award, the Holy Family Award, which recognizes a staff member who has made an exceptional difference for families within the school or parish. This award can be based upon instruction, co-curricular activities, religious guidance or physical, spiritual, or emotional support to entire families. Mrs. Hahn has a large role in helping students and families with academic, behavioral and social issues. With the anxiety some have had over the past year, she became a de facto counselor to many. Mrs. Hahn defused problematic situations in a caring manner, providing a rationale for the school’s actions and an understanding that the issue will be addressed, thus leading to less anxiety. The award is well-deserved, and we congratulate her winning it and appreciate her work.  

  • Read Across America: Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss. We celebrated by having a guest read to Kindergarten and first graders. The kids enjoyed "The Cat in the Hat" but weren't fooled that it was really Mrs. Lang was under the costume. 4K made truffala trees and wockets for their pockets.

  • Valentine's Day 2021: See creativity of our 4K and 1st Grade students on Valentine's Day.

  • 100th Day of School Grade 1: There were 100 reasons to smile in first grade as they celebrated the 100th day of school.

  • 100th Day of School 5K: There was a lot of excitement in 5K as they celebrated the 100th day of school.

  • Crazy Hat/Hair Day: Although we celebrated Crazy Hat/Hair Day after Catholic Schools Week due to the snow day, it was just as much fun. We hope you enjoy the pictures of our silliness.

  • Catholic Schools Week Activities: Catholic Schools Week is always a great time to celebrate Catholic education. They played board games, Bingo, watched movies, had extra recess time and enjoyed time spent together. Thank you to Home and School for sponsoring candy guesses throughout the week.

  • Grandparents Day Projects: Although we could not have the traditional Grandparents Day festivities the students were busy making projects and letters or cards to show their appreciation for their support.

  • Ancient Civilization: 6th graders were proud of their social studies projects about ancient civilization.

  • Fun in the Snow: Students in grades 2, 3, and 4 enjoyed an extra recess and enjoyed the snow on the hill.

  • Teddy Bear Parade: 5K students got their exercise while marching through the school for their Teddy Bear Parade.

  • Class Colors: Each class got to pick the color they wanted to wear for the day. Together we make a beautiful rainbow.

  • Game Day: 1st graders were celebrating Catholic Schools Week with an afternoon of board games.

  • 4K Experiments with Flubber: 4K was pretending to be artic animals. They had pretend flubber and found that the more flubber on their finger, the warmer it stayed in the cold, cold water.

  • NERR Spelling Bee: Congratulations to Anika Kolka and Luke Hoenisch who placed 2nd and 3rd in the NERR Spelling Bee and will move on to the CESA 9 Regional Spelling Bee. Five of the top six contestants were St. Mary's students.

  • 4K Fun: There may not be much snow outside but that didn't keep our 4K students from making their own. Check out the fun they have in 4K.

  • School Spelling Bee: Congratulations to our Spelling Bee Champions: 1st Place - Luke Hoenisch, 2nd Place - Hailey Martin, 3rd Place - Anika Kolka, 4th Place - Chayce Westfall, 5th Place - Martin Gruetzmacher, and alternate - Kiley Mader. The top five spellers will compete in the NERR Spelling Bee on January 27th.

  • Gingerbread Man: The first graders were busy decorating gingerbread men cookies after enjoying the story of The Gingerbread Man. They also decorated gingerbread houses.

  • Christmas Program 2020: Although we were not able to have our typical Christmas Program, Mrs. Langenhahn put together a beautiful program for our students. Enjoy the pictures and be sure to check the program on our YouTube channel.

  • Parent's Night: St. Mary's 7th and 8th grade boys were happy to recognize their parents for their support and love this basketball season. They delivered words of thanks, as well as giving their moms flowers and dads received a candy cane filled with M & M's.

  • Lights of Love Tree: The Lights of Love Tree has many wonderful intentions in memory of, in honor of, in prayerful concern of, to honor the military and for those in need or suffering from natural disaster. These intentions were sent in by families and parishioners along with a $1 donation for each intention. We raised $684 which was donated to Gifts from Heaven and Circle of Joy. Thank you to all who supported this worthwhile cause. Mrs. Kind presented Mary Stoehr, Circle of Joy representative with their donation.

  • Principal for a Day: Leah and Taylor Schulz won the prize "Principal for a Day" from the meat sale. They enjoyed taking some of Mr. Koch's duties for the day. Our favorite decision they made for the day was to call for "Casual Day". Thank you, Principal Leah and Principal Taylor.

  • Remembering Kolton: Last year in remembrance of Kolton Kramm, his teammates placed his jersey on the bench for every game. His jersey has been retired and was presented to his family. It will be placed on the gym wall and remain at St. Mary's School.

  • Snow Collage: There's nothing that generates more excitement with the students than the first good snowfall. Who wants to build a snowman?

  • Year of Service: We congratulate the following faculty and staff members for their dedication to Catholic education at St. Mary's School: Mrs. Fischer - 25 years, Mrs. Kind - 15 years, Mrs. Gore - 5 years and Miss Wirkus - 5 years. We thank them for their dedication to St. Mary's and for providing "excellence in education".

  • Diocese of La Crosse Awards: Congratulations to Mrs. Hahn, Educational Interventionist - Support Staff of the Year Award, Mrs. Kind, First Grade - Elementary Teacher of the Year, and Mrs. Lang, Secretary - Holy Family Award. St. Mary's is proud to have received three of the seven awards given out by the diocese each year.

  • All Saint's Day: First graders always feel pretty special when they can dress up and have the parade of saints in celebration of All Saint's Day.

  • Parade: The Marathon School District faculty and staff had a parade around town to say "hello" to their students and families. It was great to see families with signs come out to see everyone. We are stronger together.

  • Sidewalk Chalk: Thank you to Mrs. Hahn, Mrs. Drexler, Elsa and Lucy Hahn for the inspirational messages on the sidewalks in front of school and the windows to school.

  • Stations of the Cross: God provided a beautiful afternoon for families to pray the Stations of the Cross while walking through the woods at St. Anthony's Spirituality Center. After praying the Stations we were treated to a delicious bowl of chili and hot chocolate. Thank you to St. Anthony's for providing this opportunity for us and to Suzanne Martin for the making the chili.

  • Square Dancing: Students always enjoy the Square Dancing unit in phy. ed. class. Thank you to Dominic Gruetzmacher, for teaching the students this form of dance. Dominic is a square dance caller and enjoys sharing the love of square dancing with our students.

  • Breakfast at St. Mary's: Bringing generations together is a beautiful display of kindness, love and friendship. The senior citizens played Bingo with our first graders after Mass while enjoying fresh homemade cinnamon rolls, coffee and juice. There were smiles all around. Thank you to Home and School for sponsoring this heartwarming event and to Suzie Martin, Kaci Sessions, and Beth Altenhofen for baking and serving our guests.

  • Maddy Fundraiser: When a child is suffers from leukemia, the whole community gets helps out. Since Maddy was diagnosed in June of 2019, prayers continued daily, but on Friday, February 7th, Maddy and her family received a financial boost at an all school assembly. This was a promise made to Maddy by Mrs. Lang, the school secretary, that if she raised at least $2,000 Maddy could shave her head. There was much to celebrate, as the fundraiser brought in over $34,000 to help with Maddy's medical expenses. Thank you to all who donated to make this an amazing event.

  • Children's Museum: During Catholic School's Week the 4K, 5K and 1st graders took a field trip to the Central Wisconsin Children's Museum in Stevens Point. They had a wonderful time exploring and using their imagination.

  • Grandparent's Day: We welcomed our grandparents to celebrate Mass with us and then join us in the gym for cookies, bars and coffee. While they enjoyed the treats students entertained them. What a blessing our grandparents are!

  • Roller Skating: Let's get this week rollin'...As part of our Catholic School's Week celebration second through eighth graders spent the morning and afternoon roller skating at Melody Gardens in Marshfield. Thank you to Fischer Transportation and Home and School for sponsoring the transportation to this fun event.

  • Brains and Brawn Tournament: Three teams traveled to La Crosse for the annual Brains and Brawns Tournament. Academic and boys and girls basketball teams throughout the diocese competed against each other with the hopes of coming home victorious. We are proud of all three teams and excited for the girls' basketball team, who brought home the Sportsmanship Trophy. This is the trophy we strive to bring home each year. Great memories were made and each team represented St. Mary's very well.

  • Maddy Day: Faculty, staff and students showed their support for Maddy Lang, 8th grader battling leukemia, by wearing their Maddy Day shirts or teal and orange. We had an assembly in the gym to kick off the fundraiser to shave Mrs. Suzie Lang's head. If we raise a minimum of $2000 Maddy will shave Mrs. Lang's head at an all-school assembly on Friday, February 7th. All are welcome to attend. For information on how you can donate, please click here. Thank you.

  • St. Mary's Christmas Program: Thank you to Jason Mechelke for taping the program to share with everyone. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year from St. Mary's School
    Music from the students of St. Mary's Catholic School in Marathon, WI Grades 4K through 8th all performed.
    4th Grade Recorder
    7:18 5th Grade Recorder
    4K & 5K
    1st-6th Program
    7th & 8th Choir

  • Christmas Program Collage

  • Family Fall Festival: St. Mary's 1st Annual Family Fall Festival was a great success. Families gathered to share conversation, enjoy good food, children played games and throughly enjoyed the maze. After they were finished playing they enjoyed a movie together and were able to get family pictures taken by Amanda Hale Photography. Thank you to the Activities Committee for planning this fun event. It was a great way to kick off the three day weekend.

  • Willow Springs: Although the weather was rainy, cold and cloudy, it didn't dampen the spirits of the 4K - 1st graders who spent the afternoon at Willow Springs Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze. Students were able to pick their own pumpkin and had a great time. Thank you to Willow Springs for the fun afternoon and to Home and School for providing the transportation for this event.

  • Memorial Day: Mrs. Betty Blume, American Legion Auxiliary President, visited the kindergarten classroom and told the story of the symbolism of the poppy for Memorial Day. She passed out poppies to the class and they had several projects to remember those who died for our freedom. Thank you to all who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Day at the Diocese: St. Mary's 7th and 8th graders took a trip to La Crosse to visit St. Rose Convent, The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Joseph the Workman Cathedral and had pizza lunch on the La Crosse Queens Cruise. It was to their delight that Cardinal Raymond Burke was at the diocese and he said a prayer with the group. The weather wasn't what they had hoped but it didn't dampen their spirits.

  • St. Mary's Day: It was a beautiful day at the top of the hill in Marathon City. A day to celebrate the gift of St. Mary's School. Many families and community members came together for good food, good company, bowling and music. Thank you to all the businesses who sponsored the lanes and/or prizes for the day: Brickner Motors, Custom Lawn Service, Kamenick Farms and Catering, Kipper Konstruction, Marathon Cheese, Menzner Hardwoods, Peoples State Bank, Pine Valley Golf Course, Sauter Tree Services, and The Dirks Group. Thank you to Tom Heise for the Grand Prize donation of $100 certificate to Custom Meats and to Steve and Jane Hanson and the Marathon City Sports Center and staff for providing great pizzas and a lot of bowling fun. We are very grateful to Jerry Schmitt and Bernie Dick for the wonderful entertainment. It was a day filled with faith, family, friends, and fun.

  • Seder Meal: A great tradition at St. Mary's is to celebrate the Seder Meal. The Seder is a traditional meal eaten on the first and second nights of Passover. The Seder is followed by lunch and Mass. It's a special day that 5K - 8th grade share together.

  • Track Records Broken: Eighth grader, Matt Annis was determined to break the school record in either the 100m or 400m run. His persistance paid off because he has set the new school record in both! Two new school records: 2019 Matt Annis 100M 11.84 (Previous record, 2006 Travis Schumacher 11.93) 2019 Matt Annis 400M 54.54 (Previous record, 2016 Aaron Schumacher 56.39). Matt also tied the school record of 9' 0" in the pole vault. That record was set by Preston Wirkus in 2012. Congratulations, Matt!

  • Military Presentation: Jake Salber is a military/history buff and over the years has attained uniforms and a lot of memorabilia. Jake has items from the Civil War, WWI, WWII, the Korean War and Vietnam. He enjoys re-enacting different scenarios and takes great pleasure in sharing these items with others. The students were fascinated by his collection. Jake involves his audience and helps them to learn about history by giving hands on demonstrations. Thank you, Jake for sharing this collection with us and helping us to understand history and the military. Seder Meal: During Holy Week we celebrate the Seder Meal together. This helps us to understand the Passover. Salt water, bitter herbs, matzah and fresh greens represent the tears of slavery, the exodus out of Egypt, freedom and new life. After the Seder we shared a meal together and then celebrated Holy Mass.

  • Minion Monday: Although Mother Nature kept cancelling our Catholic Schools Week plans, we persisted and finally were able to have a little fun with Minion Monday. Persistance pays off.

  • Kindness Day: St. Mary's May Kindness Team packed goody bags of Puppy Chow for our volunteers. After packing bags the students each received a certificate and a bag of treats themselves in appreciation for being good examples for others throughout the school. Kindness...start a ripple, create a wave. It begins with YOU. Thank you to all who sprinkle kindness throughout our school.