St. Mary's School Marathon, Wisconsin, Excellence in Education, Home of the Eagles


We, the family of St. Mary's School, are committed to promoting Catholic values to God's children through faith, Christ-centered worship, service and academic excellence.

St. Mary's School was established to nurture and enhance the growth of the Christian faith among its parish youth. Its purpose is the gradual formation of confident Christian men and women capable of accepting leadership in the ever-changing world.

Jesus said, "Go forth among the people," and our German founders did that as they moved west and settled the Village of Marathon in 1856. Through the works of many hands and the toils of many years, their dreams for a community came to fruition. They built a parish community that included family and school. This community now continues to grow.

St. Mary's School provides a strong academic curriculum with a dedicated faculty that develops student relationships to God, self, humanity, and nature. Faith and moral values are the foundation upon which the curriculum is built. Liturgical celebration of the Word and Sacrament are an important part of the school experience. We believe in the development of the faith through the creed, prayer and commandments.

St. Mary's School emphasizes giving witness to Christian living. Seeking to achieve academic excellence, St. Mary's students are recognized for their uniqueness and are encouraged to develop to their full potential.

As the founders envisioned, the present leaders carry on the Catholic Christian education of students in our area as they seek to serve the church, society, and the world.